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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 19, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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cs including the man once called america's mayor. >> i find it wrong in every possible way that it could be wrong. >> and the next step for a d.c. rabbi who admitted to spying on women, what his criminal plea today means for the civil case against him. today, one of the coldest days of our winter and it's about to get even colder. >> we're talking act breaking a record tomorrow and some schools are already taking action. prince george's and anne arundel county schools in maryland and fredericksburg city schools in virginia have already announced a two-hour delay for tomorrow. loudoun, prince william, stafford schools are closing because of the cold. >> we have a number of reporters covering this. doug and veronica in the storm center. folks? >> i think we'll probably see a couple more closures as we move through the night tonight not only cold this is brutal cold in the middle of february and we're talking act setting records. >> exactly. preparation so important with so
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many things from your pipes to your automobiles, your peltt taos. then we have another weather system that will be moving in. we'll talk about snowfall later. >> exactly right. right now we have windchills. look at these. negative 2, 2 below zero in d.c. 3 below in gaithersburg 3 below in winchester. that's at 6:00 guys and we'll continue to go down as we move through the night tonight. look at the record lows. bwi, 4, set back in 1979. that forecast is 3. out towards dulles the record's 2 below. i don't think we'll get there, but we have a forecast of zero. the record at reagan national is 8. remember it used to be right downtown but that 8 number i think will be vested this evening with a temperature of 6 degrees by early tomorrow morning. we're talking extremely cold numbers. the headlines today, the record cold, the windchills overnight be 10 and 20 below zero then a snow mix on saturday and it will affect your saturday weekend. veronica has more on when that
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seths in. >> that's right. we've been getting a lot of questions on our facebook side when does this move? the latest information shows lit begin earlier when temperatures are low enough to support accumulating snowfall. temperature just 22 degrees at 9:00 a.m. with the snow off to the west. way it is looking right now, snow first before the freezing rain and the rain mixing in noon to 5:00 it's snow so we could have maybe as much as 4 inches north and west then it's freezing rain and ice, 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. with rain that could be moderate perhaps heavy at times late saturday into early sunday morning. >> i'm going to have the latest coming up at about 5:15. stay with us throughout the next couple days. of course the weekend we'll keep you posted right here from storm center. >> thanks doug. breaking news now in temple hills, maryland. a fire at a house on westchester court not far from air force base prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins there now. firefighters working in
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extremely cold weather. tracee? >> reporter: absolutely jim. first let me update you on what's happening with this fire. we understand that the man who was med vakd out of this fire approximately 80 years old has been taken to the hospital. he is listed now in serious condition. and they are still working here inside of this home. let me just tell you a little bit about what these firefighters are going through right now. they're inside clearing making sure there's no fire in the walls, et cetera. they are sweating. they're really hot in there with all the clothes they have on. but when they come out, they're dealing with these 12-degree temperat we have in allentown. i was just talking with the deputy chief about that and how serious these conditions can be and how it can complicat >> absolutely. at these temperatures we have to guard against frostbite. with the water that we've been flowing and freezing, the gear's all wet, we have challenges with the breathing apparatus, the regulators freezing up water freezing in the hydrants
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slipping hazards. so it's quite the challenge during these conditions. >> reporter: you were saying you didn't have that issue with these this fire but you have had issues with getting the hydrants open and they're frozen. >> yes. we go to hook toum a high dranlt turn it on and it's frozen. nothing comes out so we have to go to another hydrant and that can delay in getting water to the fire. we also want to mention we need to make sure people are using their space heaters correctly and using the proper materials for their fireplaces. make sure those space heretos are plugged directly into an outlet and use the proper materials for your fireplaces. >> reporter: they're seeing double their call number since we've had cold temperatures. firefighters working around the clock in prince george's county. reporting live i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> interest ratesey, thank you. taking a live look at the capitol wheel, you can see most of the water is frozen over in the area around national harbor and this extreme cold is catching some visitors off guard. our team coverage continues now with news4's shomari stone.
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shomari? >> reporter: well it is certainly freezing out here. i have on thermals snow pants, i have on a scarf, my coat my hat, eve an ski mask and i am still cold especially when the wind blows. you look over here that is the potomac river behind me covered in snow and ice along the shoreline. move over little, no paddle boating today, but people are using that capitol wheel you just talked about. it opened at 4:00 this evening and more than ten people got on it. some want to see the snow and ice on the potomac from the top of the wheel. move down and you'll see those boats over there, a captain told meitis so cold they have to keep the boat engines warm with heaters. moments ago we talked to a woman about the temperature. let's hear what she has to say. it is cold out here. why aren't those cheeks of yours covered? >> i don't know but they're freezing. it's extremely cold out here extra, extra cold. oh my god.
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i should have worn my scarf. i didn't know it was going to be this cold. >> reporter: well she now knows because i'm sure she's watching news4. up here see all this snow in a lot of tourists come down here especially on what they call happy hours thurs. not today. crews moved the snow off here and people are staying away because it is so cold. you see that capitol wheel, it closes tonight at 10:00, but here's what i'm going to do. after this live shot i'm going to go to the top of it snap from photos from the top of the wheel, poets itst it on twitter and facebook and my personal twitter. looich at national harbor shomari stone, news4. another school announcement to share. montgomery county schools will be on a two-hour delay tomorrow. we've also posted some facts about just how historically cold it could be tomorrow. check them out in our nbc washington app. a few hours ago a local rabbi pleaded guilty to 52
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counts of secretly recording women while they addressed in a ritual bath. prosecutors say there are more victims. our chris gordon reports. chris? surprising new information was revealed here in court today. you've seen the alarm clock with the hidden camera inside. it turns out rabbi freundel had three cam flas the shower area of the mikvah to get numerous angles of women undressing. the rabbi spoke publicly for the first time today. in court he was sworn in and asked by judge jeffrey alprin you want to plead guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism? that's true, the rabbi replied. the judge said 52 counts theoretically, the maximum sentence could be 52 years. prosecutors also said an additional 100 women appear on videos the rabbi took since 2009. prosecutors say that the case had gone to trial, they would have prove than the rabbi
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installed and operated recording devices at the national capital mikvah mikvah, e ritual cleansing bath for the purpose of recording women fully or partially undressed without their knowledge or consent. judge alprin asked rabbi freundel do you agree with the prosecutor's statement of facts? the rabbi replied, yes, your honor. his lawyer addressed the rabbi's future. >> his rabbinical career is going to be very hard to resurrect, but he's a scholar. >> reporter: class action civil lawsuits have been filed seeking money damages for the women the rabbi photographed naked. >> 152 were found to have been videotaped. many many more were in the mikvah ant don't know if they were one of the 152 because not every one of them have been identified. >> reporter: in the criminal case the rabbi will be sentenced on may 15th. now, prosecutors asked that he be ordered to wear a gps, a tracking device. his lawyer objected saying he's made every court appearance.
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the judge looked at the rabbi and said if i let you go without a gps, you won't make me look bad, will you? the rabbi said absolutely not nap's the latest live at d.c. superior court, chris gordon news4. >> thanks chris. there is a potential break tonight in a deadly hit-and-run on the b.w. parkway. u.s. park police recovered what they believe to be the car that hit and killed rick warrick and injured his freeian save jewel pearce. they were trying to change a tire when they were hit earlier this month. whoever hit him just kept right on going. police say they're also talking with what they call a person of interest. they believe is the driver of that car. the u.s. attorney's office is helping with this investigation. president obama says he's trying to undercut the appeal of isis to young muslims. but tonight, critics are blasting him for refusing to use the term's islamic and terrorism together. a steve handelsman is live on capitol hill.
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the strongest criticism seems to be coming from rudy giuliani. >> reporter: definitely doreen. right. and rudy made it personal. here on capitol hill senior republicans are demanding that president obama say that our enemies are islamic terrorists. but he's refusing saying that to use that terminology would help isis in its recruitment. under fire president obama doubled down. >> the notion that the west is at war with islam is an ugly lie. >> reporter: for a second day at his summit on violent extremism, the president argued the problem is not islamic terror. >> and all of us have a responsibility to refute the notion that groups like isil somehow represent islam, because that is a falsehood that embraces the terrorist narrative. >> reporter: american muslims rushed to praise the president. >> we will defeat the ideology of groups like isis together and railly wanted to commend him for making this big step and for calling us his partners. >> reporter: but after isis
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beheaded christians in libya and isis sympathizers murdered jews in france and in denmark, critics charge not calling that islamic terror means president obama is weak and has his head in the sand. former new york mayor rudy giuliani said "i do not believe that the president loves america." secretary of state kerry defended the obama plan is to fight isis in syria and iraq he said and to fight the isis recruiting message. >> you have to take the people off the battlefield who are there today, but you're kind of stupid if all you do is do that and don't prevent more people from going to the battlefield. >> reporter: that may be easier in america, where muslims are more welcome at schools and jobs than in europe. president obama said today islamic organizations now have to take the lead not the u.s. government in trying to counter the isis recruiting message. and there's late-breaking news pap senior u.s. military
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official telling nbc news a short time ago that a uls-led effort to retake mosul, iraq's second biggest city now held by isis could begin by april. i'm steve handelsman news4. >> thank you, steve. a local woman killed while waiting for a bus, new at 6:00 we'll hear what her family has to say to the driver. part two of our story, saving josh. what's um next for the little boy. >> they had something that was going to save our son's life.
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a school may close. the director is accused of diverting millions of dollars to a management fund he created. 1,600 students on four campuses will be affected. d.c. public schools will take over one campus and other charter schools will assume the rest of the students. no matter what was on your schedule today, you had to experience this extreme cold, no doubt. tom sherwood is live on capitol hill talking to people about how think ear coping with all this cold and what they're going to do tomorrow. tom? >> reporter: well doreen, we came up here today to capitol
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hill to see how people in businesses were doing in the bitter cold. well, the ones we saw, they're doing just fine. this is an outdoor plant and garden shop set up in the eastern market on capitol hill after that disastrous june 2013 fire that destroyed al hardware shop a few blocks down pennsylvania avenue. today there were some cold-weather markdowns. are the plants okay in this bitter cold? they're not as cold as we are. >> they're as cold as we are, but they enjoy this. it gives them time to basically store energy to come back stronger than last year. >> you've seen this during the summer right? >> yes. >> reporter: what's the difference? >> there's a huge difference. it's like a small jungle in there. >> reporter: not today. >> not today. it's like the tundra. >> reporter: the colder than usual weather didn't seem to keep people inside. this couple went to a shakespeare play at the folger theater and were ready for some cold pizza. >> so this was our afternoon
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out. so now we're going to go warm up. >> reporter: and have some pizza. >> absolutely. >> reporter: more cold tomorrow. what are you going to do tomorrow? >> not move out of the house. >> nothing. >> reporter: and these women were off work taking home some hot chicken. how many pieces did you get? >> i got two. >> reporter: just two? >> you want one? >> reporter: i don't know. you only got two. if you had four i might take one. and you're on your way home too? >> well i'm trying to find me a man. >> reporter: you're in the wrong spot. that just goes to show there's all kinds of people out for all kinds of reasons in th bitter cold. on capitol hill -- wherever i am -- tom sherwood news4. >> she stopped for tom and kept right on going, tom? is that what happened? she decided to keep looking? >> publicizing that. >> take the camera off him.
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he's done. he's toast. oh my goodness. that extreme cold has created some incredible sounds and some incredible sights at niagara falls. too much water rushing through the falls for it to completely freeze but the mist and the water they kick up creating some incredible ice formations. that is the most amazing, isn't it? >> and this is the best way to see it. >> it is. >> don't need to see that in person i don't think. another school announcement to pass along. manassas city schools are going to be closed tomorrow. doug hard to imagine that tomorrow is going to be even colder than today. >> yeah. we're talking about a record. when we talk about a record month of february this is actually the first record low we could set since 1970. does not happen very often, especially since they moved the official reporting station to the airport, which is a little bit on the warmer side. montgomery county school, by the way, also now a two-hour delay tomorrow. so yeah we'll get to sleep in a little bit.
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right now, current temperatures sitting at 16 degrees. the windchill at minus 2, 2 below zero with a few clouds. yes, eve an few snow flurries going through parts of the area. those continue through the early evening. don't worry about the snow. it won't aamount to anything. what will is r the temperature, 12 in martinsburg. we're just going to go down from here. here are the snow showers coming in. lake-effect snowshower winds coming right off the great lakes right now, and that's why we're seeing those, also why we're seeing wind chmielewskis. 4 below in gaithersburg. 6 below currently in winchest hagerstown 2 in culpeper. winchester coming in at 3 below zero -- or rather 6 and manassas 3 below. windchill advisory in effect until noon tomorrow. then the wind should subside. it will get cold. i think windchills overnight between 35 and5 and 20 below zero in some areas. those windchills early -- rather
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late tonight, at 11:00, 4 in d.c. 4 below. 10 below in manassas 11 below martinsburg. tomorrow morning as the temperatures really fall the winds will still be up there. right now they're gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. tomorrow they'll be gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour. the winds won't be as bad but the cold air will be for sure. 19 below in gaithersburg 22 below in hagerstown near 15 below zero in manassas. this is extreme cold. if you don't have to be out in it early tomorrow just a good idea to stay indoors as long as you can. friday afternoon around 1:00 a windchill of 2. it will be cold all day. then we have a chance for some snow. there's the snow showers tonight. tomorrow it's just windy and cold to start off the day. by around 5:00 it's just cold. wind will subside. and we can deal with 19 degrees when it's not windy outside, at least we can continue to try. the rain or snow moves in early on saturday. 8:00 snow back to the west then it really comes in during the afternoon on saturday.
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i do think we'll see accumulating snowfall on saturday during the day, but then warm air rushes nonhere and i think that snow changes over to ice and we could see some ice, maybe some sleet, then vempblly over the all rain as we do get on the warmer side. impact forecast tomorrow on the high side. just cold rather breezy early as i mentioned, try to stay indoors if you can. 19 on your friday 32 on saturday. know mix early and changing to rain overnight saturday night into early on sunday expecting rain with a high of 48. then guess what another chance of snow coming up next wednesday. right now we'll continue to watch that one as we move on through the next couple days. take a look at that. that is just a beautiful shot. looking out towards the southwest right there, i believe, and, yeah you can see some of the snow actually falling from those clouds right there. snowing themselves out. >> looking for beauty in a bad situation, huh, doug? >> always. >> always. >> thank you. a push to raise the speed limit on maryland highways. we've heard it before. coming up at 6:00, the big
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hurdle one proposal cleared remembering one of our greatest victories 70 years after iwo jima. i'm mark segrave
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soon you may be able to drive little faster on maryland highways. the state senate passed a bill today that would raise the speed limit from 65 to 70 miles an hour. a similar bill is pending in the house of delegates. today's vote marks a milestone for the bill which died in a senate committee last year. opponents say increasing the speed limit would be dangerous because it would cause some drivers to push it to 80 miles an hour. one of the most iconic image images in american history is that one of the raising of the flag over iwo jima. that battle began 70 years ago today. and this afternoon, dozens of veterans who fought there marked the anniversary at the marine corps war memorial in arlington.
6:26 pm
some of them shared their stories with our mark segraves. >> there's a lot of sacrifices made and young lives that can never have a chance to live like i did. >> reporter: rondo scharf was a 16-year-old sailor who lied about his age to enlist. he's still haunted by the fact that he survived and so many of his friends did not. >> last night i had flashbacks again, and i'm standing over the top of the grave of like frank and nick a couple guys i know that died there. and i tell them frank, why don't you come up and live the life that i've lived for the past 70 years, you know. >> reporter: 70 years ago today, american troops landed on iwo jima. more than 70,000 marines battled for 36 days. nearly a third of all the marines who were killed in world war ii died at iwo jima. >> i was 23 years old at that
6:27 pm
time. didn't expect to see my 25th birth tay really. we were sitting ducks in the open. very simply, that's why we had 2,000 casualties on the first day that we were there. but that didn't stop us. >> reporter: the u.s. victory on the tiny island about 600 miles from japan was celebrated through this iconic photograph. [ "taps" is played ] today, survivors of that battle gathered here as they do every year to honor their fallen brothers. but many of those who fought in that battle aren't sure today's generation really appreciates what that picture represents. >> oh they're probably proud of that but i don't think they realize the sacrifice because you're dead for a long time. >> reporter: at the marine memorial mark segraves news4. next his parents' fight and social media gave him a second chance. see how a controversial drug is turning a young virginia boy's life around. >> reporter: oh baby, it is cold outside. it is making commuting a
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all this cold weather is causing all kinds of problems for drivers, not to mention trying to get your car started
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in the morning. >> adam tuss will tell us about that in a second. first, doug where is all this cold air coming from? >> got to tell you, it's actually coming from siberia. we talked about siberia earlier when we were talking about that winter forecast bringing the chance for much colder than average temperatures during the winter months. and this is exactly what we're seeing. we saw very cold air come across the poles. we call it cross polar flow because it moves right over the north pole right on down through portions of north america. it is warmer in alaska today than it is in our area especially in parts of the east. that cold air making its way all the way down forwards florida. atlanta did not even make it to 30 degrees today. that's how cold it is and how far south that air has gone. near record lows tonight forecasting a temperature of 6 degrees in d.c. the old record 8 set back in 1896. >> the bitter cold hitting our region made it difficult far lot of drivers to get around and with the mercury set to plunge again, we could see a repeat tomorrow. our transportation reporter adam
6:32 pm
is live in old town with more on the big issue they faced. adam? >> reporter: doreen, this kind of gold doesn't exactly agree with your car battery. aaa says it's working around the clock to get people's batteries back up and running. and today we went for a ride-along with aaa. from the air, our frigid cold landscape looks beautiful. but on the ground this is what aaa has been dealing with over and over again. dead batteries. what's it been like nonstop? >> nonstop. we have drivers holding two calls each all day, some three or four. >> reporter: amaa tried to start up her volkswagen today but it wouldn't turn over. >> it started two days ago. my car wouldn't stop. i presumed it was a battery. hopefully that's all it is. >> i'll run a test and make sure it's just a battery issue and geel from there. >> thank you. >> reporter: sure enough dead battery, a new one popped in and
6:33 pm
ready to go. aaa mid-atlantic says it's fielded over 50,000 cars from drivers with cars that wouldn't start just since last friday. with the coldest air yet coming in here's some advice to make sure you have as much power as possible. >> just a matter of make sure there's nothing left on in your car, unplug your little cigarette lighter adammers for your phones and pray that it starts. >> reporter: how old is too old when it comes to a car battery? aaa recommends you check the strength of your battery if it's older than two years. reporting live in alexandria adam tuss news4. >> thanks adam. the prince george's county courthouse will be closed far second day tomorrow. these cold temperatures caused a pipe to burst there overnight. that damaged the electrical system and left the building in upper marlboro with no heat. for the first time tonight we are meeting a young boy who had a very public battle with a deadly virus. his family launched a social media campaign pressuring a drug company to give him the medication he needed to survive.
6:34 pm
that campaign worked and tonight we see how josh hardy is doing since he got the investigational drug. josh hardy has a message for all the people who supported the social media campaign that help saved his life. >> i appreciate your help and i'm good. >> reporter: the 8-year-ol fredericksburg virginia boy has come a long way since we first learned his story last year. back then national hurricane center the hospital die, the result of a delgadoly virus that was causing his organs to shut down. none of the available treatments were helping. doctors believed one medication could work but it wasn't approved by the fda. so doctors requested it under a program called expanded access that gives patients a legal way to access a drug that's still under investigation. >> he doesn't get this it's not going to go well for him. >> reporter: expanded access also known as compassionate use, is a complicated issue.
6:35 pm
an fda spokesman told us the agency typically grants most requests for investigational drugs. but then it's the drug manufacturers who ultimately make the decision. >> i think that's scientific evidence and safety are the two biggest factors. >> reporter: oncologist dr. jeffrey dome is with children's national health system and says even when science backs the safety and effectiveness of a drug there can be other issues that get in the way of approval. >> sometimes companies might be close to getting fda approval and they don't want a piece of bad publicity or a negative event to derail the process. >> they had something that was going to save our son's life and i just right or wrong, we were going to do it. >> reporter: the family's relentless social media campaign worked. the drug company finally provided the medicine and after just three doses josh began to get better. >> it's better to be home. >> reporter: he's back home with
6:36 pm
his family now, but josh still has a long way to go. after 100 days in the hospital his muscles have severely atrophied so he's got to learn to walk again. his immune system's still compromised so he has to wear a facemask. and the hand sanitizer is everywhere. josh says he can't wait to go back to school and get out of the house. >> going places. >> reporter: like where? >> like fun land. >> reporter: fun land? >> and chuck e. cheese's. >> reporter: and chuck e. cheese's. okay. >> and out to dinner. and maybe a washington wizards game. >> reporter: what's your hope for his future? >> i want him to play baseball and slide home after a great hit and go to school and go on family vacations and dive in ocean waves and the whole nine yards. >> same thing every parent wants for an 8-year-old son.
6:37 pm
josh hardy's case has inspired legislation in virginia that would make it easier for terminally ill patients to get access to unapproved medications. it's currently pending in the state senate. coming up on our broadcast at 6:00 tonight, the search for a couple guys they call the black hat bandits. they're robbing banks all over virginia but the tellers are not the only ones they're targeting. >> reporter: police believe driver had been drinking. a 49-year-old woman was killed. coming up tonight on news4, what vanessa dixon's daughter has to say about this driver. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. public health officials just wrapped up a news conference in los angeles sayin
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. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. public health officials in los angeles have just confirmed what the fda said today. a medical instrument that is used on hundreds of thousands of americans every year may be transmitting a superbug. it is hard to clean, this instrument, but cre is a bacteria resistant to most antibiotics. at least seven patients have been infected at ucla medical center. two have died and hundreds of others are being warned they may be at risk. all that comes back to a flexible tube which are used to treat problems in the pancreas. today the fda warned doctors, you can do everything right and it still gets contaminated. >> ucla followed all of the recommended procedures for
6:41 pm
cleaning the scopes. there were no breaks and no breaches in appropriate processing. >> the problem is the tube is the least invasive way to treat -- to drain fluids in cases of gallstones certain cancers and things like that. so experts say pulling it off the market could have brought hundreds of thousands of patients of a potentially lifesaving procedure. local police and the fbi are offering $30,000 reward for help finding some dangerous bank robbers. they're dubbed the black hat bandits because they dress all in black and always cover their faces. since early last month, they've hit seven banks in seven weeks in maryland and northern virginia too. just yesterday, one of them put a gun to a customer's head. we put their photos on their facebook page so you can share them with your friends. the search tonight for a brazen jewelry thief in annapolis. police say the man seen in this surveillance picture stole a sapphire and a diamond, the
6:42 pm
so-called princess diana-style ring. we're told it's worth $21,000. detectives ti thi the man walked out of the store on main street with that ring this morning. the cold tonight and tomorrow could be down right dangerous. warning tonight from local a woman killed on her way to a job interview and her family tonight talks about thei. and their hope for the driver. >> she just wanted to go to work.
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tonight the family of a woman who was hill and killed bay car in silver spring are sharing their loss. they're also talking about what they think of the man believed to have caused that crash. vanessa dixon is her name. she was on her way to a job interview when she was hit by an suv. new at 6:00 tonight, kristin wright explain why is the woman's child said she feels sorry for the driver. >> for me to walk this walk with my family it is a total loss. we don't know how to cope with it. >> reporter: vanessa dixon leaves behind a large, close-knit jamaican family. >> people in jamaica is mourning mourning! >> we have never encountered such tragedy. >> reporter: dixon had five children. samantha was her youngest. >> i'm not angry at him. i'm sad, but i'm not angry. >> reporter: the man driving the red suv police say hit dixon has not been charged. the investigation is just
6:46 pm
beginning. dixon was walking on cresthaven drive in silver spring wednesday morning. after hitting her and two cars, the driver was given a breathalyzer. police are not releasing his blood-alcohol level, but they tell us they believe alcohol was involved. dixon's daughter feels empathy for him. >> he just took a life so it doesn't make sense to add more hardship on that. he's going to understand what he did. >> reporter: today flowers and candles sit where dixon, 49 was killed. her family says she had just gotten off the bus and was on her way to a job interview in white oak. vanessa dixon was a nursing assistant who showed her daughter samantha a kind of love that tonight means more than ever. >> of all of my aunts and uncles her way of raising us was the hardest, but i actually appreciate it because all five of us are really strong children. >> reporter: vanessa dixon also leaves behind her parents. the investigation will take time.
6:47 pm
it could take six weeks to a few mos for prosecutors to to file charges against the driver. in silver spring kristin wright news4. the brutal cold we'll feel tonight and tomorrow morning are creating dangerous conditions for anybody who goes outside. and doctors are encouraging you to say indoors. if you have to go outside, dress in plenty of warm layers and make sure your head hands, and ears are all covered. the first signs of hypothermia and frostbite are tingling and burning. >> mostly full of water. and so you can actually freeze yoenl, your fingertips ear lobes, they can freeze crystals can form inside you have decleesed blood flow to those areas and the skin can actually die. >> doctors say the bottom line is use common sense and listen to your body. and don't forget to keep an eye out on young children and the elderly. i think we also forget to drink water when it gets -- you need to stay hydrated. >> yeah get dehydrated early.
6:48 pm
i know we're talking about the arctic cold but all the way in atlanta where temperatures today did not get to 30 in orlando, where temperatures will get below freezing overnight tonight. as cold as it is for us it's just as cold for them because we're not used to it here thishgs not used it to here. i love this shot. you know what we're looking senate those are snow showers right there coming through the area all lit up by the lights of the city bethesda seeing some snow showers, rockville seeing some. you can see the motion of the clouds very slowly move across and that's exactly what's happening. we are seeing some snow coming down in parts of the area. it won't amount to anything but it is a sign of what's happening. we have some lake-effect snow showers. those winds, strong winds coming right down from the great lakes bringing us those cold temperatures. 16 right now going down to 15 at 7, by 11:00 down to about 11 degrees. the windchill is a big factor. 7 below in gaithersburg 2 below in d.c. 13 behoelow in manassas 15 in camp springs.
6:49 pm
when it gets this cold, head south. huntingtown 13 degrees above zero, that's the place to be this evening. windchill advisory in effect for everybody. it's not in effect at the top of the mountains. why? that's a windchill warning for windchill 25 below zero. for the rest of us it's 5 to 20 below zero o delays for tomorrow. storm team 4 radar is picking up on a few of these snow showers that will continue to move through our region. not going to see anything here but what we are going to see is cold air on saturday and then well and then the chance for snow that moves in on saturday. could eventually change over the ice, but right now i anticipate some accumulating snowfall on saturday. could be a couple of inches especially north and west of d.c. next couple of days, there's that snow chance. on saturday changing over the all rain by sunday. then another chance of snow as we move into middle of next week. >> oh my. thank you, doug. >> while we're freezing you
6:50 pm
know where the nats are? they're down in florida. find out why gio thinks this might be the year that the team brings home the world series. the redskins head coach jay gruden says he wants to draft the best player available. but the experts say there's one
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
we love this. talking about subzero temps here but now we're going -- where are they playing? >> vieira florida. >> i thought they were going someplace else. >> not yet. the nationals are reloaded and ready to go for a brand-new baseball season. it all starts today in vieira florida, pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training. on aper erpaper the pitching rotation
6:54 pm
is the best in all of baseball. those strong arms, that's what mike rizzo is banking on to bring this team to a world series title. a lot of excitement among those in camp today, including stephen strasburg. temperatures? the 40s, plenty of sunshine, a lot of expectation fwos with it. gio gonzalez says this team is ready. >> the good news is the only pressure that's on is upon ourselves. everything else is left up to you guys and the way you guys think. we just want to go out there and get some ws as much as possible. again, we're all doing the same thing, all marching to the same tune and going straightforward and trying to win a championship. >> now, position players for the nationals, they aren't expected to report until next week but some are already there including second baseman danny espinoza. this is him sporting his new look. >> that's fake. >> fu man-chu. >> that is real. that is real and it is glorious. >> no way. >> that is glued on there. >> thaest's all his.
6:55 pm
that picture tweeted 1,800 times since late this morning. well played danny espinoza. >> i want to pull it. all right. pitchers and catcher, they will hold their first workout for the nationals this saturday town in florida. moving on to football now, the redskins getting a good look at prospects this week at the nfl combine. diana caught up with former nfl player and scout buc brooks to get his thoughts on who the skins should take with the fifth overall pick. >> they want to draft the best player available, but all the experts say there's actually a void that must be filled now. >> when i look at the redskins i think we need to find a pass rusher. brian orakpo's status could lead us to be without a dominant pass rusher. i think probably start there because your pass rush can really offset the issues you have -- >> you don't think safety? brandon meriweather a free
6:56 pm
agent, brian clark retired yesterday. >> you could think about safety but ideally you don't want to put it on a position a top five pick, a transcendent star. sean taylor you would navs pick like that. in this draft, i don't know if you could say that's worthy of a top five pick. for them you're better served to go up front, deal with the trenches solidify that front line. >> lots of big decisions for jay gruden and scott mcclellan. the defensive ends working out today will get an opportunity to meet with media tomorrow. diana russini, news4 sports. >> the capitals hosting the winnipeg jets tonight, a successful road trip winning 3 of 4 games, the most recent a thriller in pittsburgh. the team on such a high note after a great road swing. we asked the guys what exactly needs to happen to avoid any kind of letdown. >> try to keep your fete foote on the gas. it's difficult because you get home and things slow down for you, see the family again, but
6:57 pm
you have to remember it's still time to play hockey. >> haven't seen your children, your wife, all the honey-do things that maybe had to sit for a week. bills will be on my list and that comes monday. i got them all before i left so i've got a couple days. college basketball, the number 16 maryland men's basketball squad back at it hosting nebraska tonight. it's the first of three straight home games for the terps. a rarity this time of year. don't expect this team to let up though during this stretch just because they're at home with the home-court advantage. also maryland women are in action tonight as well. they will take on wisconsin. they are undefeated in conferen play in the big ten. 14-0. brenda brenda freeh doing a great job. >> can you do that dribble? >> no, i can't. >> how do you do that? >> andre miller was tra the wizards to sacramento as well. >> oh, liked andre.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
ferocious freeze. half the country now caught in the grip of the coldest air yet. emergency rooms are packed, schools shut down. and tonight we've got a spectacular view high above the frozen niagra falls, a birdseye view only a drone can deliver. superbug scare at a major american hospital. two patien are dead and many more are being warned they may have been exposed. we'll take a closer look at a serious problem in hospitals all across this country. what really happened? the shocking case of road rage, a mother gunned down. tonight, a suspect in custody after a dramatic standoff with police. and, what we eat. re-writing the rules from everything to coffee to cholesterol. some surprising new changes. "nightly


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